• Office Services
  • How long will it take for me to get a refill?

    Please allow at least 24 hours for any refill requests to be sent to your pharmacy.

  • Do you perform in-house labs?

    We do not currently perform in-house labs.

  • You ordered labs but I never went to get them. What do I do?

    Please contact us at (309)-796-2329 if you did not get your labs done on time. We will review your records and order you new labs as necessary.

  • Insurance
  • Will my insurance plan cover my visit?

    Currently we are not submitting any claims to the following insurance providers:

    United Healthcare
    Health Alliance

    If you have a plan with one of these insurance companies, you may still be seen as a self-pay patient (see below).

  • I don’t have insurance. Can I still be seen?

    Yes! Self-pay patients are accepted and given a 30% discount. Self-pay patients must pay the full amount for their visit at check-in.

  • Billing
  • What is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

    An Explanation of Benefits is a summary of any charges involved with your visit. The summary is produced by your insurance company, and includes copay, deductible, insurance payment and patient responsible amounts.

  • What is your “Patient Payment Policy?”

    All patients must have a current method of payment on file prior to their visit. Should any charges remain patient responsible after receiving all EOBs, we will charge the card or account on file for the amount owed. We do not charge until at least 2 weeks after all EOBs have been received. All patients receive EOB statements from their insurance company before our office does.

    New patients will receive this paperwork prior to their visit, and may fill it out at home or at the office. Patients with incorrect, expired or fraudulent information will not be seen.

  • The EOB says that there is an amount that is “not covered” or that there is a “patient responsible” amount. What does this mean?

    “Not covered” means that the service we provided is not covered by your insurance company. Our billing staff thoroughly investigates all denied claims, and we do not charge patients for denied claims until we are sure that the denial is not the result of a clerical error.
    A “patient responsible” amount the amount that you owe for your visit based on the plan you have with your insurance company. Our office has no way to predict or predetermine this amount; it varies across insurance companies and individual policies, so it is the responsibility of the patient to know what is and what is not covered.

  • Patient Status
  • Are you taking new patients?

    Yes, we are currently accepting new patients.


  • What does it mean to be “discharged” from the practice?

    Physicians at Stone Ridge Medical Group have the right to ask patients to find another primary care provider. Common reasons for this include disrespect towards office staff, chronic noncompliance, a history of late/missed appointments, refusal or inability to pay copays/patient responsible amounts and/or a history of overdue balances. All patients will be contacted prior to being discharged in the case of an overdue balance through mail and/or phone call. It is the right of the patient to continue being seen by his/her provider for emergency issues for 30 days after the date of discharge.

  • How do I transfer my medical records to/from Stone Ridge?

    Medical record transfer requests may be submitted through our front office. You may complete a request form at our office, or we can mail one to you. We ask that you allow 1 week for outgoing transfers to be processed by our office. We can send the records to you, you may pick them up, or we can send them to an office of your choice. If you are requesting records from another office to be sent to Stone Ridge, we can fax the request form to the other office immediately. We will contact you once the records have been received.

  • Other Questions
  • Have a question not answered on this page?

    Call us at 309-796-2329 and we will happily assist you!

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